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To equip all students with the necessary knowledge and skills ensuring college and career readiness


  • To Improve student performance on the ACT.
  • To Enhance instruction and to add rigor to course content.
  • To Align assessment with the skills identified as essential to student success.

.... Determine whether presented information, or new information, supports or contradicts a complex hypothesis or conclusion, and why
.... Determine which complex hypothesis, prediction, or conclusion is, or is not, consistent with two or more data presentations, models, and/or pieces of information in text.
.... Determine which additional trial or experiment could be performed to enhance or evaluate experimental research.
.... Analyze presented information when given new, complex information Understand precision and accuracy issues
.... Determine and/or use a complex mathematical relationship that exists between data.
.... Perform a complex interpolation or complex extrapolation using data in a table or graph.
.... Compare or combine data from two or more complex data presentations
.... Analyze presented information when given new, complex information Understand precision and accuracy issues.


Language Objective:

SWABT verbally, conceptually, and quantitatively analyze and express the relationships within the discipline of science , both independently and with their assigned partner.

Prior Knowledge:

  • High School science courses in, Physical Science, Earth and Environmental Science, and Biology..

Scaffolding: Build on prior knowledge within the discipline of science.


Anticipatory Set:  Graph Jam


Differentiation: Student Group Selection


SAMR – Augmentation - Tech acts as a direct tool substitute, with functional improvement


Collaborative Group Work:


Table Talk – Think, Pair, Share - Scientific Reasoning Skills

White Board Exercise – Scientific Reasoning Skills


Closure:  SCIENCE QUIZ BOWL activity
              Using the knowledge gained from the sit, pair, share
            exercise and using the packet you were given, you will
            compete in groups of two for the $1,000,000 prize.